Good Seed

Build your ark

by Equippers Church


There’s a flood coming.

"Noah did everything God commanded him."

When the floods come, you want to be the one who has built an Ark, according to God’s commands. 

Regardless of how stupid you feel like building it is. Regardless of how unnecessary it seems.

A boat in a desert?






CS Lewis once said “If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.” The pursuit of comfort, and/or happiness is daft, because ultimately it is meaningless, it takes no effort to survive being happy, no planning to make it through. You don't need to influence your world when life is going well. Just lap it up, and be grateful and express that gratitude. If you are happy, great.

I would love that none should have to experience the type of storm that floods your whole world.

But there is a flood coming.

And it could wipe out your whole world.


So, what are you building?

What structures do you have in life that could survive a complete upheaval?


A loss of employment. The death of a parent, or a spouse or, most horrendously, a child. A terminal diagnosis. A house-fire. A car crash. A work-interrupting injury. These are all floods.

These events have been called "biographical disruptions".

They mess up your story. 

You are no longer going where you thought you were going.

The words will become jumbled.


We love twists when we're watching a movie.

But we hate twists when they happen to us.

And so when the flood comes, you better have built an Ark.

If you have, a whole new world of promise will open up. You'll float. You ride the waves. 

If not... That, as they say, will be all she wrote.


I personally, have found a wonderful "Ark" (allow me the metaphorical stretch) in the death and resurrection of Jesus. There is a flood coming to all of us, that we have labelled death. None escape this flood. 

But I've made a choice to spend my life building an ark, according to His commands. 

In so doing, I trust confidently and hopefully that when the flood comes, I can come out the other side into a whole new world of promise. 

A new creation.

A new heaven, and a new earth. 

Wanna build an ark with me?