Good Seed

Walls v Wells

by Equippers Church


It feels good to live in a walled city. 

Of course that may not mean literal walls, the walls could be "social fabric" or "economic trust" or "military alliance". 

But walls bring a sense of safety. Being tucked in at night, feeling the weight of the blankets, just feels right (unless there's 1000% humidity). 

But we aren't made to live within walls. We are made for the wild. We are made to enter the fray, plunge into the dark forest, slay the dragon (or be eaten in our attempt), shoot for the stars, plumb the depths. There is life in adventure, and there should be adventure in life. 

You've possibly heard it said "Ships are safe in the harbour, but that's not what they were built for". I love that thought. You were made to push the frontiers, to tame the 7 seas, to establish routes of passage and trade. 

Often we feel the need to "wall our city" because we are inhabiting the most obvious places and someone else might wanna poach your stuff and take it for themselves.

After Isaac repeats some of the journey his father Abraham took (including pretending his wife was his sister), it came time for him to settle somewhere - Genesis 26 tells us this story. 

Whenever he tries to set up camp, his first need is water. So he goes about digging some wells. The first few times, he tries to re-dig wells that his father had dug previously (it would have made sense and saved some effort), but he is received with resistance from the locals. 

So he goes on to a further place, an open expanse of wilderness, that he ends up calling Rehoboth - or Wide Open Spaces - and digs his own well. He forges his own path. 

It's great to live out of wisdom learned from your father, but if you just to stay within the territory he has already developed, you will inevitably meet with resistance. 

So, go somewhere new, find a wide open space, that maybe even looks a little wild and untamed, and dig your own well. 

You see water changes things. Water brings the possibility of sustained life, and developing new life. 

Isaac in fact is so blessed that in the first year of his time in Rehoboth, he harvests 100 fold, imagine an investment with a 10,000% ROI... You'd be in there like a flash. 

And so maybe the 100 fold ROIs are in land that is previously unexplored and undeveloped. 

Go get it.